My Game Against IM Lawrence Trent
Lawrence Trent Blitz Brawls

My Game Against IM Lawrence Trent


I am honoured greatly to have had the oppurtunity to play against IM Lawrence Trent in one of his blitz brawls, and the blitz game in question was by no means a decisive victory for the favourite. I was expecting to get crushed, but as Lawrence put it "He held his own", at least, for the first 20 moves - after which I collapsed. Partly due to some time troubles, and the panic caused by this.

In the opening, Lawrence was not so convinced by my early Nfd2 move, but could not really prove it to be a mistake, in hindsight, I would probably play the thematic c5, if that position arose again (after 4.Bd3) -->the computer labels it 'good'<-- I played Nfd2 on autopilot, expecting Lawrence to play 4.e5, which is the standard move.

I would add that I lost 8 seconds at the start, because I was in the other tab, watching the stream, and so I wanted to rattle out the first few moves, to regain some time.

I was slightly surprised that Lawrence played the exchange, because this led to a symetrical postion, where neither side can gain much advantage. However, after a few normal moves, we both castled, for example, I aligned my DSB on the h2-d6 diagonal which points towards the white king.

"I don`t like (14.)Bxf3...Surely you would want to keep the bishop pair" remarked Lawrence. This may be so, but my reason for taking, was that I wanted to have the tempo. If I had played Bh5, retreating my bishop, I would have lost the tempo, and Lawrence would have the choice of where to attack me next, but I am sure that with correct play, Bh5 is an 'excellent move', but my move is the choice of the engine, so it can`t be that bad.

16...Bh2+ is just a little intermezzo, making Lawrence decide where to place his king. This did buy me some thinking time as well. G3 would trap my bishop in for good, so my next move was fairly obvious. I swapped off the dark squared bishops, and threw my queen into the position. This threatened a Qh1#. Obviously he saw this, and opened up his bishop to guard h1.

From here, I got low on time and crumbled. My queen got trapped, and the game was over "even God would not win against me in this position". I do now know, the moves that could have led to me gaining a small edge. Here is my analysis of the game:


 Thanks for reading my blog. I would recommend watching the Blitz Brawls show, with IM Lawrence Trent, if you want to relax on a Thursday evening (or morning, if you live in Australia wink.png)

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