My Top 5 Games From 2019

My Top 5 Games From 2019


Back again!

This post does exactly what it says on the tin - It is a collection of my favourite games I played last year. Without further ado I will begin:


This was a league game I played against a personal rival of mine. Before this game, we had 2 draws, in each case I had multiple winning chances, but waved goodbye to all of them. In this game however, my opponent wasn't so lucky!


This game was the last round of the Hull 4NCL U135 congress. Neither me nor my opponent had any chance of winning it on 2.5/4 , so basically I treated this game separately. I got a scotch 4 knights opening, with the typical kingside pawn storm. Most strong players will search for counterplay with c6 and b5, however my opponent just waited around, and as expected got steamrolled. The final combination is of special interest.

3rd - My Alekhine Game

This game is from the 4th round of the 2019 British Championship Soanes weekend event. This game is just pure strategy with a sprinkle of tactics. When you play the Leningrad Dutch, you are asking for a complex strategical struggle, and that is exactly what I got. In the opening, my opponent might have even been better off after getting e5 in, but it was in the middlegame, that I built up an attack in the spirit of Alekhine - All pieces pointing at the king and when the time is right, sacrifice one or two of them and deliver checkmate a few moves later. Not to be confused with an attack in the spirit of Tal, which would be - All pieces pointing at the king and when the time is right, sacrifice most of them and deliver checkmate many moves later!?

2nd - My Capablanca Game

I hope you don't find the title of this game too extravagant. To be compared with Alekhine is already a huge honour. Can I really get away with comparing myself to Capablanca? Let's just say that the style of play resembles that of the great Cuban. In this game it was all about simplicity. I didn't play any daring moves or outlandish piece sacrifices, I simply manoeuvred around and relentlessly kept probing my opponent's position, like a naughty toddler next to a wobbly jenga tower. Before I knew it, I was two pawns up, and got myself a couple of new queens. I must give special credit to my coach for recommending this Rossolimo opening and showing me that it is possible to win without an attack.

1st - My Botvinnik Game

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. That is the order of the day. At this point, I must give special credit to GM Simon Williams, for giving me the first 13 moves of this game in his famous book 'the killer Dutch'. Why did I choose Botvinnik this time? Because the 2 connected passers on the queenside just looks like exactly the sort of strategic asset that Botvinnik liked to obtain. The finish was also quite precise - Botvinnik was very techically proficient. If you diagree with the titles I have given, feel free to suggest a better one in the comments.

 I hope you enjoyed these games as much as I did.

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Till next time.