OTB U120 Tournament Victory! (part 2)
my round 4 game, I am white, black searches for a reply to 14. Bc4

OTB U120 Tournament Victory! (part 2)


Marvellous is the attack which involves every soldier on the board,

and despite the correctest defence (that would satisfy Petrosian)

breaks through the town walls, to the enemy king,

and delivers checkmate.

My round 4 game did not end in checkmate, and I am sure that my opponent did not defend correctly, however I did use every piece in the attack that came about.

'It is easier to attack than defend' - @GingerGM

 Welcome back, to those of you who have read part 1, if you have not yet read part 1, then please do read it before reading this one, because the chronology of the event was as such.

I played the London system, because it served me well earning me 2 wins in both of my previous games as white. My opponent made the mistake of opening up my h-file, which allowed for some naughty tactics, and after 10. Ng5 and 11. 0-0-0, I was happy, because all the elements for an attack were in place, and black`s king was still in the middle of the board.

 After round 4, I was the sole leader of my category, and had everything to play for...

In fact, drawing my round 5 game would be enough to become the outright winner, but sometimes a position demands you to go for more than just enough. You can`t help but try to play on for a win, to honour the individual game, irrespective of the greater picture.

In round 5, I will not deny the fact that I was playing conservatively. I was not taking any risks, and when the queens were swapped off on move 11, I knew it would be an ol' positional grind. By the final rounds, it is those with the most stamina who prevail.

'I would play 5 hour games, and it is the one with the most stamina who wins. In the fourth or fifth hour, they would start to tire, and make mistakes.' [not an exact quote]  Bobby Fischer

After viewing this game you will realise why; I am naming it 'The Rampage of a fiendish French knight'


 The end.

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