Simultaneous Exhibition

Simultaneous Exhibition


Hi folks!

Earlier today I held a small simultaneous exhibition of 2 boards. My opponents played well, and on both boards I entered a classical Dutch defence opening, with a strong centre and prospects of attacking on the kingside.

My favourite part of these events is that the longer time control gives you more time to perform deeper calculations, and enter complicated positions, as you might in an OTB game. I will look at both of these games in some more detail below...

Total Score: 1.5 / 2

My game against @ENG12345

While my opponent was trying to create some play on the queenside, I was attacking on the kingside, but my attack came first, and I won a pawn and the initiative. You should bear in mind that @ENG12345 is quite underrated in rapid; he is more like 1400 at least.

My game against @GCEDW2001

In a dynamically equal position, not dissimilar to the last in the regard that we had opposite side attacks., I got greedy and grabbed a hanging central pawn with my queen, that subsequently became trapped. It was quite a miracle that I squeezed a draw out of the losing position. 

Overall, an enjoyable event, and certainly a learning experience as well. 

Future Simul Event

  • Tomorrow (24.12.18) 09:30 GMT
  • To participate, simply type /play FangBo into live chat.
  • I am accepting challenges from anyone.
  • Live Commentary from Twitch (FangBo1)
  • Time Control 45/45

See you then!