The Delayed Grob - Simon Williams v. Suri Vaibhav - IOM Masters R6

The Delayed Grob - Simon Williams v. Suri Vaibhav - IOM Masters R6


Good afternoon! 

I am reporting on a recent game of GM Simon Williams from the super strong IOM Masters. This was no ordinary game though, as white play the delayed Grob, which is rarely seen at top level.

Simon decided that to avoid any complications he would enter a perfectly symmetrical position, and try to use his years of experience to grind down his opponent in a positional fashion. Botvinnik would be proud of him. Who needs to play like Tal, when you can use your superior understanding of the game to extract a win out of +0.5. 

The Opening

The game began with an English opening setup, with white avoiding the kingside fianchetto...

… Then came 7. g4!? Launching Gary up to join his brother in space. 8. g5! Is he going to take off?
So subtle. I wish I could play positional stuff like this. The delayed Grob is going to be the next Berlin Defence. I think gingergm might actually be releasing a DVD on this one, entitled: Killer Grob (delayed). The blurb begins with 'If you forgot to play g4 on move 1...'    

The Game

All jokes aside, after 12 moves, both sides have roughly equal but different chances. We are in for an exciting game. 13... f5?! was a slight inaccuracy, which gave white the e5 outpost later on in the game. Harry rocketed up the board, and opened the g-file, which white used to devastating effect, with Rxg6 the beginning of a combination. Black's queenside counter-play didn't get its feet off the floor. White delivered the first blow, and as often with opposite side castling situations, this is enough to win.

After 6 rounds, Simon is on the respectable score of 4/6 and has won 2 games in a row, will he win a third today? The computer does not like his position after 19 moves and gives +1.36 but if black can get g5-g4 in, then I think he will have some strong attacking chances. It is one of those positions where if you don't checkmate your opponent, then you will end up in a losing endgame - His queenside pawn structure is weak. You can see all of the updates as they come in, and watch the game live on live chess. The game will reach its climax in around 20 minutes I think. Here is the game.

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