The Intermediate Blitz League

The Intermediate Blitz League


Hello everyone!

This post is going to be all about The Intermediate Blitz League, so if you don`t like blitz, now is the time to leave.

It was founded on the 31st of August 2017, and just 1 month later the first blitz tournament happened. The winner of that event was @Arnau-H. Shortly after this event, the two rival teams, Team Tal, and Team Kramnik were formed, and much later so was Team RAR.

We have now had 21 events in total, and the current league scores are:

 Team Kramnik   9+(5/12)

Team Tal            8+(8/12) 

Team RAR         2+(5/12)

Although some of the weeks have been missed out, the admins of IBL have between them written 14 event recaps, with the best game of each event being awarded the Game Of The Week Award (GOTWA).

At the moment, IBL has a regular event every Saturday, at 2 times, one at 01:00 BST and the other at 18:00 BST. Aside from this, there are practice events, speedy blitz events (time control of 3/0), chess960 and more recently, snail Blitz, with a time control of 10/7…

Here is one of my games from IBL 21:

Here is the GOTWA from week 10 (annotations by @FortunaMajor):
Here is the GOTWA from week 16 (annotations by @GCEDW2001):
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you are interested in joining my club, then please click on this link here: