Having fun in the wijk aan zee.

Jan 10, 2012, 11:14 AM |
I'm looking forward to play in the dungeons of the tatasteelchesstournement next week. 2011 was my maiden year. It was the first time I played chess officially offline, with real pieces in my hand, a pencil to right down the moves, and last but not least, an opponent that I could actualy touch (if I should feel some 'urge' to it, wich I offcourse I didn't cause in the kind of leauge I play all chessplayers are male, old and ugly, including humble me).
Hearby my third game. Kind of typical for my aproach of the game. It's a Kingsgambit. I made afwull blunders and mistakes, but never the less, I won. Bert, my gentle opponent, never talked to me again.