De zesde ronde..

Jan 23, 2013, 11:57 AM |

The problem with a tournament is that takes place over 10 days and that you are not the same person every day. There always is a bad day..  Today a flew struck me. Soar throat, dripping nose and a feverish feeling over my body. Maybe it’s a mental thing. Today I had to play the leader. With the black pieces. It could be my mind was preparing excuses to loose and made me feel sick. 


Anyway: in the game I managed to get the upperhand. But I got scared. I didn’t see the 25th move (white rook on the seventh rank) coming. Not that this white move was very dangerous. It ‘looked’ impressive, but in fact it was a desperado-attack which ment nothing. With the wisdom of this moment I think it was white who was in panick. But that I didn’t see it coming made me very nervous. So I accepted white to force a draw by repetitive moves. Another consideration was that after playing for 3,5 hours I had only 15 minutes left for 15 moves. I thought that this was not enough against the leader of the pact. 


So I left with a tail between my legs. To keep some of my dignity the song of the day is:



So. Now it’s time to rest and get rid of the flew. Good thing the rest-day is tomorrow. And from friday on: just win the last three games in a row. Piece of cake.