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The return of the killer repertoire:

Aug 14, 2009, 7:47 PM 1

As a follow-up to my previous blog on David Rudel's "Zuke 'Em", I'd like to share news of a forthcoming new edition of Aaron Summerscale's "A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire". This time, Summerscale's legendary tome is revised and updated with the aid of one of my personal favorite chess authors Sverre Johnsen.

The announcement of the book's coming release is here on Gambit Publication's web site:


This book's repertoire is based on using the Colle-Zuckertort, the 150 attack against the Pirc (by transposition), and my personal favorite: The Barry Attack. My best win to date here on chess.com was in using the Barry Attack after having studied it from Palliser's work called "Starting Out: D-pawn Attacks". Here's the game where I won quite easily against my 2000-rated opponent:

This wasn't even the real main line of the Barry Attack where white jams the h-pawn down black's throat, but you can see even the more tame variations black tries to head for can be quite dangerous. I was sold immediately on the fun attacking nature of the Barry.

Getting back to the new book release of Summerscale's work, I have to say I'm very excited to read it when it comes out. I never had the opportunity to read the original book as it is now out of print, but I'll be first in line for this updated & revised edition. The book also happens to feature my latest artwork on the cover, which I've also added to my web site for those wanting to see a larger image of it:


Just click on the image thumb nails to see the larger versions of some of my artwork examples. Thanks for looking!

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