British Chess Championships 2015 U180

Aug 1, 2015, 12:49 PM |

The British Chess Championships 2015 is being held at Warwick University in Coventry. My father and I travelled there for a week to play in the U180 graded section, which, strangely, used ECF grade boundaries but FIDE ratings for seeding. This meant that I was on the 'wrong' side of the draw for the first couple of rounds (not that it mattered) as my FIDE rating (1729) is lagging a little behind my ECF (159).

Round 1

Round 2

On 0/2 (and bottom board) I wasn't very happy with the situation and my chances of getting any prize seemed to have gone.

Round 3


At last, a KID (=win!). This made me a little more optimistic. My revised target was now 2.5/5.

Round 4

This was certainly my best game of the tournament.

Round 5

Unfortunately my opponent for Round 5 did not turn up, so I won by default. I played a friendly against a player from the Major Open instead and lost quite badly.

I fininshed the tournament on 3/5, which I was very happy with, especially after being on 0/2. This actually left me in a tie for 3rd place and I won £50, but did not realise and so was not at the prizegiving to pick it up (we also had checked out of our hotel).

Outside of chess, Coventry has many good golf courses (we played at Kenilworth and Brandon Wood) and the cathedral is stunning, well worth a visit if you are in the area.

I was fairly happy with the way I played, even in the games I lost (which is always a good sign). I wish my good friend trilobite the best of luck in the U120s next week.