Southern Gigafinal 2013


The Gigafinal U13 Boys this year was hotly contested with a 180 and lots of 140 graded players. It was an interesting tournament for me with 5 good games out of 6.

Round 1

I was 5th seed with a grade of 143 playing an unrated player as Black who I had not played before. I won fairly easily in 31 moves after he blundered his queen.

Round 2

This round, as White, I played a 95 rated player who I completely underestimated. In a Ruy Lopez Steinitz I gave him a huge kingside attack a la KID and just about drummed up enough counterplay. I won later when he lost his Knight due to a pin.

Round 3

This round I played an opponent rated 118 as Black who I had played once before. It was probably my best game of the tournament and it included an attack without Queens, a threat of an epaulette and a windmill.

Round 4

I was White playing a 147 graded player who I had played many times before. The game was an interesting Modern in which I had a small advantage, but the game petered out into a draw after 28 moves.

Round 5

This round I was playing a good 137 player who I had played twice before, with mixed results. The game was a Symmetrical English which looked to be heading for a draw before this happened...




















Round 6

In this, the final round, I was playing the top seed in the tournament, a 180 graded player. He offered a draw on the 17th move and I accepted. He had avoided my trap set the move before...




















I finished 2nd= and qualified for the Challengers, while my opponent qualified for the main event. I was happy with the draw, as I didn't like my attack's chances and he had a better pawn structure and centre. Unfortunately I will not be able to play in the Terafinal as we have a holiday that week. Still, I gained some valuable experience and enjoyed the tournament.