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opening study

May 28, 2008, 7:59 PM 1


             A.Karpov once said that openings are important nowadays because it is the foundation of the building.i thinkl he's right.with today's fllod of information in chessbooks and the internet it's easy to get lost in the openings right at the very first moves.that's why i sincerely recommend studyng the openings thoroughly.there are many ways of choosing the openings that suits your style of play.try to think about your own style first...do you like to attack>?or play positional chess?or just play solid chess waiting for a chance to counter attack?pls discover ur own style first.then choose openings that suits that particular style.i recommend the King's indian defence, modern benoni and Benko gambit for tactical players.for positional players Nimzoindian Queen's indian will do.that's if you are facing d4.just study the games of particular players who play these openings.get the feel ofthe game.then memorize the ideas and particular moves and try it out in blitz games.force urself to play fast but at the same time analyzing accurately.GM Browne of the US plays very slowin classical chess, always running into time trouble.but he plays fastin blitz chess, cos he conciously tries to play the best moves even in time pressure.just like GM Reshevsky.justplay ur best be it classical or blitz chess.i reccomend the four Ps...persistence or the will to win,preparation or home study,physical condition,and prayers!hehehe i mean good luck.if ur in a lost position, and ur opponent played a move that allows u to make a theoretical draw, then ur lucky!!so itpays to study chess theory to be able to save a lost position...yah ok that's for now.other topics nexttime...see yah!!! 

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