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It never felt so goood!

It never felt so goood!

May 10, 2010, 8:07 PM 1

I know everyone has a friend who just...won't shut up. I'm not talking about the annoying friend (the annoying ones are the best, especially if they're not annoying you), I mean the just plain cocky ones, the ones who show off and prove their dominant cause knowing it just isn't enough. He's just a plain D-bag and no one really knows why you still stick around with him. Everyone know someone? Have I brought up certain feelings? Yes? Ok good.

Now imagine that this person wasn't your friend, he (or she) was your opponent in a chess match and was of equal strength of you. For some reason you feel a need to not just beat him, but humiliate him, just to shut him up. That just happened to me and the following game occurred (comments/dialogue included [with some pathetic analysis just cause]).


I've never really cared whether or not I won games on this site. Everything on here is meant to be a learning experience (This site is awesome in case you couldn't tell already), but a when a cocky [vulgar term] comes on to play, they just have to lose. And when you're in a slump (like I am Frown) beating someone like this is just as good as watching the Phillies win the World Series for the first time in God knows how long (28 years), and that felt pretty damn good.

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