Firing Squad: Submissive Sufferings - A Short Story

Firing Squad: Submissive Sufferings - A Short Story

Dec 31, 2017, 8:38 AM |

Jailed for our justice.

Framed by our friends.

Threatened by the heartless.

This has to end.


Firing Squad: Submissive Sufferings ©


Chapter One                                                                                                                               Hidden

     The barren landscape seemed to call to Victoria, its immense scope magnified by the whistling of the swift autumn wind traveling through her orange jumpsuit and reaching every part of her senses. Sand whipped around the prisoner as the gusts disturbed everything in sight.

     She breathed in. This would be her last true breath of fresh air.

     The four guards stopped abruptly, yanking on her shackles to hold her back. The lead officer led Victoria to a small wooden stake, no bigger than five feet in height. Gun in hand, he reached down and removed her leg irons and handcuffs, allowing the woman a small shred of freedom.

     It was short-lived. "Turn around, hands behind the beam." The voice was threatening.

     She complied, face emotionless. Another guard removed some rope from a small bag and reached for her wrists; the coarse instrument of restraint began to wear into her arteries.

     Victoria had known that this day would come. Ever since she had been arrested six months ago for supposedly murdering her parents, she suspected there was no hope left. Even the best lawyers could not put up any resistance in court against the piles of evidence mounted against her.

     Fake evidence.

     She was being framed, and only her younger brother, Oscar, knew about it. He was with her during the night their parents were killed, but his testimony was rejected and he came under serious fire by the police force. Currently, after a four-month manhunt, he was in hiding in New York, just a border state from where she was right now, awaiting execution in the middle of a lost wasteland.

     Victoria shut herself up at the image of her brother. If only she could see him for the last time, before she was taken away by the barrage of bullets ready to tear into her flesh and end her life.

     A black hood was placed over her head, interrupting her thoughts. The crisp smell of blood was strong; it had been used very recently.

     Tied at the wrists and ankles, Victoria could only wait helplessly. Triggers clicked.

     Goodbye, Oscar. See you up there.

     She closed her eyes. Four shots rang out.

     Several seconds passed. No pain, no loss of feeling. Victoria opened her eyes.

     I'm not dead?

Chapter Two                                                                                                                               Alerted

     Victoria stood, trembling, as she felt footsteps. The wind picked up, giving her a slight chill, but she was too anxious to care. What had happened?
     A hand removed the smelly hood, and she gasped in astonishment. There was Oscar, holding a stun gun and wearing a large smile on his face. He was caked in dirt and had gotten darker from the Sun, but he was the same Oscar, and he had saved her.

     "Surprised to see me?" He untied Victoria's wrists, and brother and sister embraced. Victoria hadn't hugged him since the trial, and soon they were both covered in a layer of sand.

     Finally, Victoria pulled away and absorbed their surroundings. Behind the unconscious men, there was a Humvee, engine running. The keys were still in the ignition, and she smiled; they were free.


     Joseph, the warden, stared in shock. By chance, he happened to glance at one of the cameras from the military vehicle and spotted two people inside, a man and a woman. One was in an orange jumpsuit; that was enough for him to sound the alarm.

     "Shoot the tires, and if they put up a fight, aim for the legs. We need both alive."

     As the prison guards began leaving the area in search for the suspect, he picked up a seperate radio. he glanced to make sure no one was around, then turned it on and began talking.

     "Hey, it's me, J. The girl - Victoria - she escaped with another guy. I think it's the brother. You know, they were both on trial for the disappearance. Should we alert the Stingers?"

     The radio crackled, and a rough voice spoke. "Keep this to ourselves. You know what would happen to you and me if this got out. Did you do what I said and plant that tracking device in her jumpsuit?"

     "Yeah. That Victoria could probably use it against us, throw us off, maybe even  -"

     "Use that for now. I have a plan. We'll talk later." Click.


     As night was falling and the guards turned on the searchlights, Oscar and Victoria hid amongst the small dunes and waited. When Victoria had spotted the sirens, she had used a large boulder on the gas pedal to send the Humvee back towards the penitentiary. with luck, that was going to serve as the distraction for them to get away.

     Oscar, dressed in a black sweater, opened his backpack. Inside were the contents of several emergency duffels, packed with food and water. Together, they shared a quick meal of freeze-dried banana chips; both were lost in thought.

     Finally, Oscar broke the silence. "I got here by hitchhiking on a van and hiding out in the sand dunes; let's use that road to get back to a train station I passed on the way here."

     Victoria nodded, shivering. "We need new clothes as well; I can't be seen like this. Let's go."


Chapter Three                                                                                                                         Trackers

     The Lion's Den Old-Fashioned Brewery was a run-down pub where most of the meetings occurred between Joseph and his partner. Though the warden was muscled and strict, he could not compare with his associate. No one knew his name, and he was referred to as The Dart or simply Dart. Weighing 250 pounds, he had a deeply lined six-pack and rippling muscles that no one dared to question. Though he seemed tough, he could be gentle, and even nice, when there wasn't work involved.

     But drastic times called for drastic measures.

     It was at this place at ten in the night that a plan was being formed. A bad plan. A horrible plan.

     But this was a dire situation. The men knew how resourceful Victoria was; the fake evidence had to be meticulously planned out to finally land her in the guilty position. She could reveal them and put them away, put the whole Nest away, and they couldn't risk that.

     No, the only plan they had was to eliminate the threat, and fast.


     The peaches were an unexpected bonus.

     While Victoria and Oscar had been following the worn-out road, they had encountered a small farmhouse with a clothesline dangling from the chimney out towards a small tree branch. There was no one inside, and the full moon easily allowed the two to hop the fence and change out their clothes.

     As Victoria shrugged into a gray snug-fitting shirt, she felt a small pang of regret. They were fugitives now, and were breaking the law. She was already convicted of two accounts of first-degree murder; now she was breaking and entering, and stealing other people's property.

     She had discussed this with Oscar as they were walking. He had made up his mind that they were doing the right thing, and eventually they would be forgiven. She envied him and his view of thinking, but she couldn't stop worrying.

     Finally, when they had stored all the ripe fruit in Oscar's loaded backpack, they used some sticks and morphed them into a scarecrow, wearing the orange jumpsuit. Hopefully, the owner of the house didn't have a dog, and this could be used to distract the cops.

     Sadly, what they did have was bad luck.

     As the two continued their journey, a black sedan pulled up besides the house.

     "You sure this is the right place?" Dart grunted. In his hand he held a small grenade.

     Joseph sat in the back, eyes riveted on his phone. "Yeah, I see her jumpsuit -" - he indicated the back of the house, where a small strip of orange could be seen - "- so I say let's do it. Now."

     The window was rolled down, and the pin was unplugged. This powerful weapon would go on to silently demolish half of the house, completely obliterating the jumpsuit and the garden around it. The world brightened as the fire raged, lighting up the tall weeds that surrounded the house.

     Fifteen minutes away, the pair continued to scramble, oblivious to their attempted murder.


Chapter Four                                                                                                                                 Forces

     Stellan put down the phone, face scrunched up. It was one in the morning, and he had barely gotten any sleep ever since news came in. "It's official. The warden at the Quogram Maximum Security Penitentiary in New Jersey confirmed that Victoria is indeed missing." He glanced up at his trusted officer partner, Logan. He had been the one that started it all, and was even the person to slap the cuffs onto the arrested inmate as she was led into the courtroom. He had the most experience, the most information.

     The head of the FBI frowned. As he leafed through the thick file of papers, he spotted a small image of the inside of the stolen Humvee that Victoria had used. There was a business card attached to the rearview mirror:

Oscar and Victoria

We are innocent. We will prove it.

     Stellan realized what was happening. He abruptly closed the folder and looked at Logan.

     "Call state troopers and set up roadblocks and air forces. All available units must go to supporting this manhunt. Let's hurry before the press hears about this."

     As the officer nodded and left the plush office, Stellan wiped his brow. Logan was a good man, but he had taken charge of this case of the 21st century. He had upturned their lives and permanently blackened their careers. Were these decisions just as reliable as he was?

     If brother and sister proved their innocence ..... What would happen to his dear friend?


     They were nearly two miles away before Oscar suddenly stopped. The night whisperings were suddenly pierced by a sharp siren cutting through the air. The two crouched down in the tall weeds, praying not to be seen.

     Interestingly, it was a fire truck that roared past them on the interstate. When Victoria turned around, she saw a horrible sight. In the distance, alarge plume of fire could be seen, consuming and feeding itself on the foundation of the farmhouse.

     Oscar caught her gaze, and they stared in horror. It was no question that it wasn't an accident, and that someone had known they were going to be there. Victoria thought back to the jumpsuit, innocently stuck in between some branches. How did they know?

     As they were making their escape towards the train tracks, both minds were whirling. It was unreasonable that the warden would blow up a house just to catch them, and no police officer would ever do such a thing. As dawn slowly grew and the low horns of night trains became audible, brother and sister forged on towards the small train station, lost in thought, hoping to catch a ride.


Chapter Five                                                                                                                          California

     "Bad news, your majesty Queen. Remember Oscar, sister of Victoria? He saved her moments from execution, and are claiming to be innocent. They're on the run now." Head bowed down, the servant, Ulf, waited at the feet of the head. Though he was head of the Messengers, he had rarely visited this luxurious room in this underground dungeon of sorts.

     There was no response for several moments, as the King and Queen of the Nest urgently discussed this news, whispers hidden from prying ears.

     "I assume that there are some Stingers looking into this case?" The king - Mick - spoke, his voice dripping with viciousness. Ulf recoiled a bit, but kept a straight face.

    "Forgive them, only the Working class is out there. The warden, Joseph, and a few other people have already been notified and are -"

     "Well, then get moving." The queen spoke, her voice full of beauty, without any menace like her husband. Though Annabelle and Mick looked, acted and dressed just as any ordinary couple would,  they had the power to manipulate their voices into harsh robots. She must have had a drop of sympathy, because she chose not to further torment the cowering man. "Alert all available Stingers and have them round up the two. Gather the assets in New Jersey to help as well. Bring them back here when your task is done."

     As Ulf rushed out, she said her last words to him. "If you or the Stingers fail, there will be consequences to pay. Do your job right, or cease to exist."

     The servant gulped, nodded, and left the room.


     The Bridgewater Railway Station was not for public use. It had been bought by the legendary billionare Sal Azarius, who founded Tuna Luna, a fish-based fast food chain that had recently expanded all around the globe. This junction was used primarily for shipping large quantities of cod, mackerel and salmon to warehouses and stores all around the country.

     Using another stunning dart, Oscar and Victoria entered the small office with apparent ease. Faces covered against snooping security cameras, they quickly consulted she small agenda.

     Oscar pointed. "Look - Shipment 846 is stopping here in five minutes. It's headed to New York, I can take you back to my safe house. There are some people I'd like you to meet -"

     "No, we should take this one." Victoria stopped her brother. "Shipment 1063 is being loaded right now, and it's leaving for Sacramento in about seven minutes. We have to go back there, and start looking for evidence. It's the only place to begin."

     "What will we do there?" Oscar was lost.

     Victoria grinned. "Remember Molly, my old school friend in college? She helped with the testimony, and with any luck she can help us again. I memorized her address, and it's not too far from the final destination."

     The guard sirred. When he regained consciousness, he saw nothing but an open back door, footprints leading to the newly packed train. The whistle blew, and at 4:48 AM the departure was recorded. The conductor and the people inside could not have known that there was nothing but stuffed animals inside, and the shipment had been switched.

     They could not have known that there was something inside, something much worse.


Chapter Six                                                                                                                              Identified

     Logan and his partner Skyler surveyed the burnt farmhouse. Though there were no more flames, it still lay smoking, and behind the black ashes there was a hint of orange where the jumpsuit had been. A forensic analysist came over to Logan, clearly confused.

     "So, the dogs have been sniffing, but we haven't uncovered any bones. Chemical results don't show any blood or human tissue, so we're pretty sure your girl was here, but left before the attackers torched the house."

     Skyler jotted down notes. "Any leads?"

     She shook her head. "We found a grenade pin, but there's no fingerprints. The other clue we found was a small tracking device sewn into the jumpsuit." She held up an evidence bag.

     Inside was a small round object, no bigger than a pinball. When Skyler put his finger against the bag, he found that it vibrated slightly at a constant interval. Logan frowned. Why was that so familiar?

     When the answer came to him, he gasped involuntarily. Skyler turned and eyed him questioningly, but he paid no attention to him. Logan had seen this device when he was memorizing transcripts for the court hearing of the century.

     The court case with Oscar and Victoria.


     The railroad car stank strongly of raw fish, but Victoria was too tense to notice. She had slightly opened the emergency hatch in the top of the car to let some air in, but her nose would take some time to adjust. She glanced at Oscar, fast asleep against the wall.

     She opened herself up to the thoughts that had been gnawing at her. It all went back to the same question: Who had tried to kill them?

     Mom and Dad would know. They were brilliant detectives, famous all over the country. If only they could help ... if only they could come back ... who would have killed such nice people?

     Before long, tears were silently trickling out of Victoria's eyes. SHe stifled a sob, afraid it would wake Oscar, when it hit her.

     Their parents had been working on a terrorist case when they were killed. It was an infamous group, one who had destroyed many lives. It was supposedly inactive, but Dad found new evidence of another attack. It had to be them. They wanted to get rid of the evidence and survive. But what was the group's name?

     Locust Nest. We must find evidence that Locust Nest did it.

     Finally, Victoria succumbed to fatigue and leaned back to rest. The train was still moving, and she would be up and awake before it stopped. Then they could continue.

     But this idea, this plan, would take on a horrible new turn.


Chapter Seven                                                                                                                       The Drop

     "The thermal imaging sensor picked up a spot of heat, most likely the girl, nside railcar #44, seven cars behind our detonation spot. Should we proceed?" The lead Stinger - Inkless, due to his ever-growing bushy black beard - motioned to a small projector, where they could view the train from a camera planted by H, the surveyor. It was traversing on a small, sturdy bridge, and below was a thousand-foot drop into the forests of rural Nebraska.

     Heads nodded. The Stingers knew if the job wasn't done right, they would all be facing death.

     H spoke from a radio. "I have backup artillery here in case they manage to escape. Let's do it."

     Inkless pushed the button.


     "Do you smell something?"

     Oscar shook Victoria, who slowly awoke. The acrid smell of thick gunpowder hung in the air, and it swept out even the strongest of fish stains. The train had slowed to a fast jog's pace to encompass the limit and the height, but her heart was beating a mile a minute.

     Oscar opened the hatch. Bright sunlight streamed in, illuminating the cabin. Victoria stared in shock; inside was a full barrel of gasoline, unopened so there was no smell. There were no signs of any fish. The boxes held only stuffed toys, bears that said It's your time.

     It opened the gateway. Locust Nest had switched the shipment, and put this instead to taunt them as they died a fiery death.

     A loud boom rattled the whole train. Oscar and Victoria climbed out and onto the top of the car and noticed that the bridge was cutting through a thick forest. Leaves brushed at them from left and right, and it was a challenge to stay balanced. The two saw a whole section of the rail bridge falling, engulfed in flames. The locomotive head was desperately trying to stop, about ten cars away from them.

     It didn't make it. Victoria watched in horror as the wheels gave way to empty air. With a screech, inertia kept the train going, and the head collided into the other segment of the bridge. The gasoline engine burst into flames, and the rest of the cars followed into a steep downward plunge with death.

     To make it worse, H was hidden in the trees, no farther than ten feet from Oscar, watching with satisfaction at the last moments of their hopelessly lost lives.


Chapter Eight                                                                                                                          Survival

     "Hurry!" Oscar grabbed Victoria's hand and pulled her along the line of cars. She gained balance and soo they were both running across the tops of the cars, hoping to reach safe ground before the train pulled them into the fall.

     H spoke into the radio. "You see them, right? They're getting away. I'll follow."

     With a graceful leap, the Stinger fell five feet from a tall pine and landed on a rail car below. He was fast, and adrenaline allowed him to pull a pistol and sprint, closer and closer to the pair.

     Victoria turned and saw the man train a pistol at them. Mind calculating, she looked below; the bridge was at least seventy feet above the ground, and the bridge cut through a sea of green; they were in the middle of a forest, and there was no one to help them.

     They reached the last car and jumped off. Not stopping, Oscar felt H come down, barely missing the gap as the whole train fell into the depths below. A small fire could already be seen; no one survived.

     On instinct, Oscar made a decision. Spying a thick tree branch right below the bridge, Oscar pulled his sister and used her momentum to carry both of them off the tracks H slowed in confusion, and Victoria understood. Together, they landed on the branch, causing it to sag. Splinters appeared.

     "We have to break it! It might get caught in the trees and save us!" Victoria barely heard him, using all her energy to try and snap the branch off.

     H slowed to a walk, hardly believing his luck. Suicide? Oscar watched in horror as he peered over the ledge and saw them. Grinning broadly, he raised his pistol.

     "It's time to die. For good."

     As the trigger was squeezed, the branch finally gave way. Two cracks were heard; Oscar cried out in pain as the two held on for dear life, the heavy limb latching on and crushing everything in sight.

     H stared. He had made contact with the guy, and the bears would take care of the rest.

     Smugly, he walked back to his small hiding spot and retrieved the camera. Every Stinger on the other side stared with a mixture of shock and horror. In the back, Dart noticed the camera zoomed in on Victoria and Oscar and did a double take.

     They weren't dead when we blew the house up! We did that for nothing?

     But were they dead now?


     The branch slowed the descent down, and it finally became wedged in a small opening between two fat trees. It was about five feet off the ground, and it was no problem to slide down onto the forest floor unharmed. It was then that Victoria noticed the bright red patch on the tree bark. She turned to face Oscar, and her heart caught in her throat.

     He was clutching his side where H had shot him. Though he seemed to be okay at the moment, his white undershirt was saturated with blood and his eyes were whitish.

     Victoria stared. He slid down, groaned and lay on his back. The blood spread through his stomach, and the woman watched in horror as his mouth began to foam.

     "Please ... justice for us ..."

     He shuddered and closed his eyes.


Chapter Nine                                                                                                                               Tribes

     Updated native tribe. Almost an oxymoron.

     Though they had stopped calling themselves a "tribe" - more of a community - the Frozen Warriors were a group of about 100 people who had been seperated from their fellow cavemen in ancient times due to a storm. They settled here, and still preserved much of their old traditions.

     Sadly, that rail bridge had to be built. Until now, where one of the men spotted a flameball.

     These thoughts - and many more - bounced around in the back of Mark's head as he took a bow and arrow and trekked through the forest in search of this derailed train and for survivors.

     True, they could have used a helicopter. But nothing could be seen from above, and there was a clear place to start on the ground.

     Following a well-known trail, Mark stumbled across a small object. Cursing, he drew himself up, ready to throw the innocent object that had mercilessly tripped him-

     A shoe?

     He looked down. There was a man and a woman, hiding beneath a small fern. The woman's eyes told it all: the man needed serious help.

     Mark used his cell phone (another modern feature) and thumbed away; fifteen minutes later, Oscar was being treated at the local doctor's. He had no experience, but a lot of history, and was able to prevent him from dying on the spot.

     Yet he was in crucial condition, and was in no way prepared for the next attack.


     When the alert came in on the fatal train derailment in Nebraska, killing one person and destroying transportation, Stellan frowned for the umpteenth time that long day. The forces were stretched out, combing an area of three states in search for the arsonist and for Victoria herself.

     Logan had told him that the Locust Nest was involved. Faintly, he recalled a small memory of the legendary mastermind Mick shaking hands with the president of Tuna Luna Corporations.

     Sal Azarius.

     The food shipment was redirected on another train. Could Sal have known about it? But how would the Nest know if Victoria was on the train?

     the business card came back to him. We are innocent. We will prove it.

     My the time Logan came back from his extensive research, he found Stellan on the phone, asking for the mayor of the Frozen Warriors Tribe in Nebraska.


     H wasn't satisfied.

     Yes, he had shot Oscar. yes, their chances of survival were slim.

     No, they weren't dead for sure.

     How many times did he himself fake a death to throw off any suspicion? There had to be a catch, there always was. Victoria didn't just die. She took half of the bad guys with her.

     Before H could convince himself not to, he was back in a rugged Jeep, scouring the forest trails for the spot where the two had fallen. He was about to turn back and ask a park ranger about suspicious activity when he heard a moan.

     H thought back. A bullet wound this deep required surgery. The chance of a place like this having a clean, sanitary hospital and somepainkiller were slim to none.

     He smiled, and turned the vehicle into the deep forests.


Chapter Ten                                                                                                                                 Lifted

     The mayor was in the doctor's, trying to get an explanation out of the girl, Victoria. The guy's moaning had grown louder, and Mark elt a twinge of sympathy.  What happened to him?

     The phone in the mayor's room rang. being a secretary, he rushed to answer it, planning in his head another excuse to ward off this ambitious caller. He waited patiently for the voicemail, then listened.

     "This is Stellan, chief of FBI. I am calling to let you know that an escaped convict, Victoria, may have been near your tribal areas. If you have seen her, or have any other questions regarding her, please call me back as soon as possible. Click.

     That, if anything, was an attention-grabber.


     "You have to believe me. We're innocent, we were framed for murdering our parents! If we were bad, we wouldn't just show up here without any weapons. Please, trust us!" Mark had cornered Victoria in the waiting room of the doctor's office, and she had broken down. It didn't seem like a criminal would do that. Nobody faking would do that.

     She gulped, then continued. "We're also in big trouble. There's a guy out there, wanting to kill us. Please, if you have any way to do so, take us out to the west coast, to California."

     Mark was astounded. Not only did she beg for her life, she wanted us to take her to California.

     He was considering it. After a solid fifteen minutes arguing with the mayor, they finally relented and allowed Oscar, Victoria, Mark and Bun - the doctor - would take the helicopter to Sacramento. After seeing Victoria's torn face, Mark knew she was innocent. She had been bestowed a wrongdoing, and the good people had to make it right.


     No sooner did the helicopter take off from the tribe's only air base that shots erupted from inside. H was single-handedly making his way into the village, scaring everyone off with his weapons. When he saw Victoria in the air, his face transformed into one of sheer viciousness.

     He mouthed the words We'll be back, and headed back for his Jeep.


     It was terrorizing to be in the presence of royalty. One wrong move and death is imminent.

     It did not help that this royalty was evil.

     When Ulf explained that the native tribes had helped Victoria get away, Mick's voice became so threatening that his wife, Annabelle, had to calm him down. Though she was mad at the Stingers as well, she offered some advice.

     "Get the workers on this as well. Use everyone we know - and the ones we don't. Have everybody review their deepest, darkest tricks. This is Code Red, and if they succeed, we all die."

     The messenger nodded, and rushed off.

     Annabelle turned to Mick. "You know who they are and what they want to do. We absolutely cannot do anything right now, you understand?"

     His face turned, and his eyes were weary. "Old Arjun is getting executed tonight, near Elk Grove. Are we continuing the tradition?"

     Her face softened. "Yes. One can say that is our weakness."


Chapter Eleven                                                                                                                        Manhunt

     Now spreading through the entire United States, the police force, led by Stellan, began looking into old leads from the trial. From reinspecting their house to rereading the manuscripts, most of the officers were busy.

     However, Logan and Skyler had a different job.

     While everyone else was out searching, they stayed back and worked with Stellan to try and prove that the evidence presented against Oscar and Victoria was fake. Though they worked tirelessly, they couldn't make a dent, and Stellan eventually had to call it a bust.

     Yet, Logan learned much more of how the Locust Nest acted, how it ran.

     How to think like a Stinger.


     In the helicopter, Bun managed to revive Oscar even further when he gained consciousness. Using ancient herbs no longer found, they could stop the blood loss and even improve Oscar's overall health. Though he was weak at the moment, the fire in his eyes meant that he was ready for their mission.

     When the chopper was above well-known territory, Oscar and Victoria said their good-byes and strapped on their parachutes, ready to dive out and into their hometown.

     Mark stopped them. "We should follow. I believe you, and so does Bunny. Together, we can try and prove your innocence. The mayor was fine with that."

     Oscar was shocked. The last time somebody did the two a favor, it was before all of this madness even started. For two people to step up and say "I believe you" meant a lot to the pair.

     Victoria smiled. "We can't thank you enough. Let's go!"

     Together, the four jumped out, and the pilot roared the helicopter, turning back to his home. The first plan was to find Molly's house and get her to reveal what she knew. A valuable asset like this could be priceless when it came to evidence.

     Yet, she was already a lost cause.


     Dart and Joseph crouched behid the bushes, waiting for the right opportunity. They had been instructed by Inkless to find any old friends of Victoria and give them "The Treatment". They had to do something right, as they might not ever get a chance to do so again.

     When Molly's head was turned, the two opened her window and tied her to the nearest chair. Dart's large frame and Joseph's wicked gaze were enough to terrorize her into doing what they wanted. When Dart was finished explaining, Joseph untied her and they disappeared out the window.

     Less than five minutes later, the doorbell rang, Victoria at the door.


Chapter Twelve                                                                                                                     Safe House

     The execution had been rather unpleasant for Arjun.

     Annabelle and Mick watched in horror as he convulsed and writhed in restraints from the lethal injection, powerless to stop his own fate. When he finally closed his eyes, it had been twenty-three minutes of agony for the King and Queen.

     As they were back in their lair, Mick turned to Annabelle, eyes shining.

     "I know a way to lure Victoria and Oscar towards us."

     The Queen was not convinced. "How?"

     Mick smiled. "Well, if what they want most is evidence to prove themselves innocent, we simply need to plant obvious fake evidence that shows that. She'll be arrested if she tries it."

     Annabelle nodded. "That's the base. We need to - elaborate - it a little."


     "What do you mean, you can't tell us anything? Oscar and I just came from across the country! We need answers!" Victoria was appalled that Molly refused to tell her anything. Her haunted eyes kept going back to a small dartboard on the wall, as if attracted by some force.

     Oscar clued in. He walked over and inspected the board; there was a dart that made the target. Underneath was a rubber eraser. Confused, he pulled it off.

     It was a bee.

     the clues clicked. The Locust Nest had came in and threatened her, so she couldn't do anything. They were still watching, so Molly had to put specific clues that they couldn't understand.

     "I ... I have to go. Check the refrigerator for some food." Molly hastily got up from the couch and walked out of the house, evidently suggesting something. When Bun walked over to the fridge and opened it, a small note floated to the floor.

Meet at safe house


     Victoria understood. "When we were in college, we had this meeting spot we agreed to go to in case anything really bad hapened. We practically built the place itself, but you have to come and see."

     The four of them purposefully strode out, knowing that there was someone watching them.

     From the actions of the new minivan that began tailing them, the person evidently liked the show.


     The Orangica Lapiz Fro-Yo Palace was run by Lucia, another close friend of Victoria's. In their basement, Molly began explaining it all. She knew that the Locust Nest was behind this, and she told the accounts with vivid detail as the four occupants listened.

     " ... and here's the really weird thing: the database shows these pictures as your mom and dad. I've met them way too many times to know that's fake. Locust Nest is using them against you!"

     She slid some pictures to Victoria and Oscar. In a heartbeat, they knew it was false.

     Victoria stared at the pictures, eyes suddenly watery. Who were these people?

     It was obvious the DNA had been switched. The bodies at the forensics lab probably didn't match up, but the cops believed what they saw, what had been changed!

     Were the parents of Victoria and Oscar still alive?

     Things were about to get scary.


Chapter Thirteen                                                                                                            Epilogue: Base

     Screens of code flashed by as the master hacker powered through DNA records, manipulating.

     Replicas of fingerprints were designed and attached to guns, bullets made to match the real ones.

     A new relative appeared in the federal database. Nikki was Victoria's aunt, and according to altered documents, she had witnessed the whole murder. False testimonies were made by nonexistent people. Fake evidence became faker and more precise.

     In short, there was a whole new world of worry coming to Victoria and Oscar.

     Last time, the fight had been using the Stingers. That didn't work.

     Now, with new evidence, the Locust Nest could purposefully control them.

     They didn't want Victoria dead. They wanted her to cause much more havoc, an unwilling terrorist who didn't even know it. She was a puppet. They were pulling the strings.


"We control them. They are dancers, our dancers, the dancers of the Nest."


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