Republican Party US Senate victory in 2014 or not

Mar 17, 2014, 3:58 PM |

Currently the Democrat party is not doing well. Obamacare is hurting them.If the Republicans run against Obamacare they will win in most cases.

Will the Republicans win back the US Senate ?  ( I say no. But they will gain US Senate seats. )

Currently there are 53 democrats, 2 Independants and 45 Republicans in the US Senate.


There is 33 US Senate seats up for grabs. 20 Democrats and 13 Republicans. For the Republicans to regain control they can get 9 out of 20 Democrat seats and hold the 13 Republican seats.

The Magic number is 22 out of 33. That is 2/3's.



I do not see the Republicans winning more then 22 out of 33 US Senate seats. Historically Democrats win more seats most of the time.