Culture, fairplay

Jan 9, 2012, 6:31 AM |

Interesting to note the culture issues of different players. Its often assumed the Asia as synonym of raw and non-cultural people while Europe is vice versa. But I noticed than this rule is wrong.
Starting from this post , I begin to give examples of such observations. In the end of each month anybody may decide which is the most cultural nation in the world and gave a winner a virtual prize.

9 Jan: 290368 (1641) [Croatia] "lucky idiot" (Europe)
         bobtys (1434) [Saudi Arabia]: despite  insulting losses attered no any dirty word (Asia...)
         pripraiap (1539) [Brazil] "green flag stupid country"

25 Jan: jkboozer [USA]: "u r going to lose 5-0", after he faled: "u were lost...humiliated"

9 july: guy from India (burraganesh) asked me: using virus you?
Gadda: of cos
burraganesh: ur a fool
burraganesh: I don't trust youi
Gadda: tx
burraganesh: u will die soonm

what kind of virus it can be?..