First Tournament

Oct 7, 2010, 6:12 PM |

I wouldn't say it was a complete failure or a success. More like enjoyable, eye-opening, and much better than I expected. After everyone on the Yahoo! Answers page saying I was probably going to lose every single game I'm glad to say I was able to win one out of six games even if it does sound a bit pitiful at first.

Perhaps, it was more of a success than what it might be. Ever since the tournament I no longer epically fail at the daily tactics trainer and I can finally figure out most of the daily puzzles now. Also, after looking back at my first game here at to how I play now it is an improvement. Not as big as I want it to but an improvement nevertheless. Chess is something I'm really starting to like so I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon. Especially since I'm not as bad as I thought. Not saying I'm good, but hopefully good enough for someone that only started playing chess a month ago.