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I think live bughouse would be AWESOME, and I'm sure many people who read this will share my opinion.

You'll be able to make teams with friends, or anybody. You could even have live bughouse groups! Better yet, live bughouse tournaments! Turn-based bughouse is another whacky idea I had. That might not work quite as well, but I don't see why not! That could also lead to turn-based bughouse tourneys...

As you can see, there are many exciting things that could happen. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. I'll be happy to hear anything!


  • 19 months ago


    I think it would be awesome and playing live bughouse would be cool !! Smile

  • 21 months ago


    Bughouse for president!!!

  • 22 months ago


    That would be great!!

  • 22 months ago


    Yes! That would be amazing. I fully support this idea.

  • 22 months ago

    NM Aaron-Grabinsky

    I don't know. It sounds kind of confusing.

  • 22 months ago


    I would love Bughouse! It's a really fun game that is certainly needed here.

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