Chess, Interrupted

Chess, Interrupted

NM GargleBlaster
Jun 1, 2014, 6:06 AM |

Hello - this is just a quick note to all following this blog that I'm still around, more or less, though less in chess than formerly due to school and other things.

That said, my hope is to start a series of articles on the great Saint Petersburg tournament which is of course currently celebrating its centennial year.  Any suggestions/contributions that anyone wants to send in about what they would like to see for this will be read and most likely appreciated. :)

On a less pleasant note, I have to apologize in advance to for relaying IM Taylor's plea for help for his wife, Liz, who is suffering severe dental/jaw problems.  He has started another fundraising campaign here:

Let me first say that I fully realize that's policy is to avoid having its site used as a means to promulage possibly fradulent fundraising and will understand if this post gets pulled by them.  That said, I can attest that a small amount of investigation (in my case, calling Mrs. Taylor's Oral Surgeon, Dr. Jay Grossman) does confirm that she is a patient and I've really no reason to consider her particular situation anything less than both genuine and desperate. Furthermore, I cannot ignore my own responsibility as a member of the chess community at large to at least try once in a while to support our own, as it were.  Being a semi-professsional player (as Mr. Taylor has been) in this country has always meant an insecure existance, and if we really wish to support American chess I think that the least we can do is occasionally pitch in in their times of crisis. 

Assuming this post has yet to be yanked, I'd like to also take a moment to share an amusing finish to a recent blitz game of mine:


- GB