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Going Full Jobava

Going Full Jobava

Nov 27, 2016, 10:55 AM 4

In many ways the most interesting story of the Baku Olympiad, even more than the United States gold, Ukraine's upset of Russia,  China's spectacular collapse, or Canada's bid for bronze, was the gold medal winning performance on board one by the Georgian super-creative Grandmaster Baadur Jobava.  The following game, in particular, instantly captured the attention of the chess world:

Games such as these have led me to refer to the act of embarking on particularly daring raids of the enemy king as going "Full Jobava", and particularly when the move Bh6 (or Bxh6) is featured in some sort of sacrificial manner.  In this spirit I offer the following minor homage to the great Georgian Grandmaster's genius.
This is the "Classical" French Defense, where attack and defense are often pitted against one another due to imbalances of time and space.  The time imbalance is currently in Black's favor (for White's imposing center must eventually crumble to the pressure against it) and White's space advantage is due to his powerful e5 pawn which cramps Black's position. Thus, since time is against White, his spacial advantage requires quick action to convert into something more tangible.  In this game it is, due to Black's very direct queenside play, transformed - practically by necessity - into a rapid attack.
What now follows is, though by no means perfect play from either side, a veritable catalog of tactical motifs, from pawn breaks, overloading, and open files to discovered attacks, knight forks, pins, and zwischenzugs ("in-between" moves).
- GB

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