5 Ways to Focus and Achieve Your Goals

Apr 17, 2015, 9:54 PM |

Just wanted to share some tips on goal setting and achieving your goals.

5 Ways to Focus and Achieve Your Goals:

  1. Write down your goal/goals and review them frequently. Immerse your mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions in the process.
  2. Create a vision board or a plan that will allow your mind to give attention to your goals daily. It should become a point where even when you aren’t consciously thinking about your goals your subconscious is still working on a solution.
  3. Talk about your goals every chance you get, review them every chance you get, and find people that will hold you accountable. Commit yourself to doing this daily.
  4. Break down your goals to steps that become simple, be specific with the small things needed to complete the ultimate goal.
  5. Set your mind to ‘WIN’, there is no other option to consider. Create the illusion that your back is against the wall and the only way out is to succeed.

I have used these tips to achieve some personal goals lately that have helped me in business, as well as Chess. Hope it helps you.

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