University's Prodigy Program Has Started - Comments from GM Dlugy

Nov 30, 2014, 6:35 PM |

We launched the Prodigy Program this weekend with a live Orientation and a special lecture with GM Maxim Dlugy.

Due to numerous requests, we are now giving students the opportunity to register for the first month of the Prodigy Program between now and Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014. While the Orientation and Maxim's lecture have already been delivered live, the video recordings are available to those who register late.

Here are comments from former USCF President and #1 blitz chess player GM Maxim Dlugy regarding the Prodigy Program:

"By designing the Prodigy Program, University has created a brilliant solution for chess players around the world. By offering lectures, training sessions, game analysis sessions, homework, and guided study plans all in an organized manner, the Prodigy Program enables easy and efficient chess learning."

"Technology has made it easier than ever to learn and improve at chess. I wish such programs existed when I was a young and ambitious chess player!"

"If you want to make your chess study productive and want to become a strong chess player, I highly recommend joining University's Prodigy Program."


The Prodigy Program is the world's best chess learning program and you still have a few days to start from almost the very beginning! Learn everything about the Prodigy Program by referring to the link below and sign up by December 2nd, 2014. After that, registration for the December 2014 month of the Prodigy Program will be closed.

Learn more about the Prodigy Program here: