Honest Chess League 1 (Winter Season)

Honest Chess League 1 (Winter Season)

FM Gertsog

My Dear Chess Friends!

You know I care about holding honest tournaments where players can be sure that they are competing with a real person, not a machine. Cheating is a big problem in online chess. Each tournament usually has 2-3 participants who use computer assistance. And this is certainly unfair to the other participants.

I decided to solve this problem radically - already last year I have hosted a tournament without cheaters for the first time. And it was successful! 

I am happy to announce the second tournament of my chess project “Honest Chess League"❗️This is an online tournament that only chess players who have never been suspected of cheating can participate in. I will choose the participants myself and send out invitations.

If you have never participated in my tournaments, but have never been suspected of cheating, you also have a chance to get into the tournament. A titled chess player, such as your coach, must vouch for you. It can either be someone from the list of coaches on Chess.com, or a credible chess player with the title of GM or just a titled chess player who is familiar with me.

This way, I am sure that we will be able to hold the tournament in a fair way and certainly without cheaters! So, this time I am holding the 1st League tournament - chess players with a FIDE rating (or national rating or Chess.com) up to 1800 can take part.⠀

League 1 is a Swiss Tournament, 7 rounds. All participants without exception will be checked for cheating. 

There will also be prizes for the winners:

1st place - $75

2nd place - $25 and access to the video course "Game Plan"

3rd place - 3 Chess courses devoted to 3 groups of tactical motifs, which together are about 5.5 hours in length.

1) You can sign up after paying a fee of $5 by Paypal or $5.39 on my website

2) Then submit this registration form: https://forms.gle/UKLUufmK9WHf3Z8w7

3) Ask a titled player to contact me and vouch for you

Any questions message me at tricksofchess@gmail.com

See you on the tournament!

FM Viktor Neustroev