Webinar 50. Middlegame Combinations: Tactical Assessment of a Position

Webinar 50. Middlegame Combinations: Tactical Assessment of a Position

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

You know it’s a real pleasure to finish a chess game with a brilliant combination in the middlegame. This what I try to achieve in every game that I play. However, sometimes there are no tactics and a player can even miscalculate.

How to recognize if it’s time to initiate a combination? Should we just calculate every forcing move that we may notice in the position? I’m sure we shouldn’t. But we should definitely evaluate the position properly. Yes, we should analyze positional factors, but what is more important we should find out if there are enough tactical or/and positional motifs to apply the combination.

It’s very often when we have a better position and instead of playing positionally we are trying to create a combination to gain the material or to checkmate. And finally, we fail. How to recognize if there are preconditions for tactical blows in the certain position? This is what I’m going to explain on my next 50th webinar - “Middlegame Combinations: Tactical Assessment of a Position”

This webinar will be devoted to tactics. I’ll teach you to check if there are enough tactical motifs and you should be looking for combinations or on the contrary you should play positionally. I’m sure it will save your time. And instead of calculating combinations that won’t work, you will focus on something else and come up with a good positional plan, for example.

As usually do, everything will be shown by examples of GMs games. We’ll analyze positions with & without enough tactical motifs, where an active player succeeded or failed with a middlegame combination. And, of course, in case of a fail, we’ll analyze his mistakes.

Come to the webinar, improve your tactical vision, become a better chess player and save your time by rejecting moves that don’t deserve your attention!

The webinar starts on Sunday (27th of September) at 10 a.m. (EDT), 2 p.m. (GMT), 5 p.m. (Moscow time). This webinar is free.

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Please, don’t forget to register in advance and reserve your spot in case of high number of attendees.

See you on the webinar!

FM Victor Neustroev