A Tribute to a Friend

Mar 17, 2011, 9:27 PM |
Almost 2 years ago I met a man online at chess.com. This man was two years my senior, he was a well-known and highly respected attorney in a very flourishing place in the United States. For the sake of confidentiality, I will not divulge the location. The man’s name was Jerry. I found that one could learn so much about another human being just by playing chess on-line, thousands of miles apart and communicating with each other on the small chess notepad and through e-mails.  Jerry and I became very fast friends. He also came to know my oldest Son who was and still is serving the United States Coast Guard, and also enjoys chess at chess.com. Jerry embedded himself into our lives, and we into his. It is with my deepest regret and sorrow  that our friend Jerry is no longer with us. He passed away Sunday morning. Jerry left behind a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. It is my sincere hopes and prayers that one day I will have the honor of meeting them, perhaps holding one of his sons in my arms. I shall be there if ever his Wife or Children are in need of me. Many years ago before Jerry became an attorney. He made music, played music, listen to music, and lived for music. I like to believe that somewhere in God’s house, my friend is once more making music that pleases the ears, perhaps the Angels and God himself. For this I pray.
Most Sincerely;
~Rick~ (The Ghost Who Walks)
We Tauk Tribe