Evil Endgame Tricks #1

Feb 28, 2018, 2:24 PM |

Welcome to Evil Endgame Tricks! This is the first blog of my series (which means there are more to come in the future).

Endgames are boring, aren't they? Well, they are one of the most important parts of the game. Endgame skill is a must in your games. That means opening a very dusty endgame book (it has been on that shelf for a very, very long time. Who reads them?) that weighs 20 pounds and is as thick as a college math book. That feeling of boredom that sweeps upon you as soon as you open that book. That tiredness from reading variations and variations of endgame theory and all that stuff that don't make sense.  

Enough said.

Endgames can be fun. They look boring but you just have to make it fun. I am here to make it fun. To make it enjoyable, great, awesome, spectacular, and other synonyms in the thesaurus.

This is the first of the series! Oh yeah! (copyright Kool-aid jammers)

#1 The Knaughty Knight

Did you know that knights can deliver checkmate? When you have nothing but a knight? Here's how:


Wow! Neat little trick to use in your own games! 


Thanks for reading. 

I will post another soon.