Evil Endgame Tricks #3

Mar 6, 2018, 3:28 PM |

This is Evil Endgame Tricks #3...

This part is all about breakthroughs. In case you do not know what a breakthrough is, a breakthrough is a (or multiple) pawn pushes that opens up a wall to create a passed pawn(s). Breakthroughs are mostly present in endgames, though they appear in middlegames too. They usually appear in pawn endgames, where breakthroughs are much more common. I have had a couple (but not many) OTB games where I used the breakthrough motif. They were all against low rated players though. I still learned a lot from those games. Of course, I have had countless breakthroughs in blitz games as they are easy to spot (for me). 

You can improve your, as I call it, your "breakthrough sight" by learning lots and lots of breakthrough patterns. I will show you basic breakthroughs ranging from simple to complicated. After reading this blog, I bet you, you will have much more knowledge about breakthroughs than before. So, let's break some walls!

For me, breakthroughs are like war soldiers trying to break down the castle doors with a log, and when they are successful, they just pour in like water (or lava).

#3 Breakthrough!
This is the super-simple-as-a-pimple breakthrough that everybody needs to know. I am sure you already know it but I will show it to you anyway as an introduction. 

#3.2 Another breakthrough
This breakthrough is the oh-so-obvious one. It is there in every endgame book.

#3.4 Moving on to more complex breakthroughs...

This is what could have happened if white did not take 2. exf4:








That's all folks! Tell me what you think in the comments below.