The Seafair Open

Jul 23, 2013, 2:27 PM |

Over the last couple days I participated in the Seafair Open at the Seattle Chess Club. 82 players competed in the 5 round event, with Tian Sang and Joshua Sininan tying for first with 4.5 points. 

In the first round I played Toshihiro Nagase, a 1938 rated player. I lost a piece in the middle game, but inexplicably he ended up dropping a rook. Unfortunately for me, I only had 5 minutes left, and I ended up losing. 

I played Travis Olson, a 1655 rated player in the second round. I misplayed a line of the Grunfeld and lost around the 40th move. 

In round 3 I played Revanth Pothukuchi(who in the scholastic system is rated 1559). He fell for a fork in the Scotch Gambit, giving me a superior position, and he resigned on move 25.

I played Rahul Segal, a 1507 next round, and he blundered a piece fairly quickly. I capitalized and won soon after.

In the final round, I was tied for first place in the U1400 division with one other person. There was only person behind us with 1.5 points. I was playing a 1668, Mack Kelly. I ended up playing to a completely drawn position, and that was the result. Coincidentially, the other person who was tied also got a draw, and the person with 1.5 won, so I got a three-way tie.

I learned a lot of things at the tournament, and I am always hoping to do better every time!