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MFO #1 Icelandic gambit

MFO #1 Icelandic gambit

Aug 20, 2015, 11:23 AM 0

The Icelandic gambit is a somewhat uncommon opening that derives from the NF6 variation of the scandinavian gambit it goes like this 

After white captures the pawn black should take back with the bishop giving him 2 pieces out to whites 1 or 0 depending on the moves he played (either way black has the initiative). After black captures white will usually just continue his development like so.
Now black prepares a dangerous move QE7 or can even play it now at the cost of limiting his bishops mobility but I prefer the first option. The QE7 move has a lot of threats and can prove a quick victory for black if white is not careful.
The beginning of a game could look something like this
Finally here is one of my own games with the icelandic gambit(there are errors)
Hopefully this blog explained to you some interesting concepts of the icelandic gambit which personally is one of my favorites, I will be making more of this series also so dont forget to check my other blogs.

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