MFO #3 Benoni Defense

MFO #3 Benoni Defense

Sep 5, 2015, 9:40 AM |

Another one of my favorite openings is the Benoni Defense, I like because it it fairly easy to play and people usually follow the main lines of it. There are actually two main Benoni's the most common(Modern Benoni) and the older less common one(Old Benoni). The Old Benoni starts 1.D4 C5 while the Modern starts 1.D4 NF6 2.C4 C5 3.D5. There are many different variations in both the Modern and Old so you can be in for a very exciting game while playing the Benoni.

Old Benoni

Modern Benoni

As I said at the top there are many variations in the Benoni defense, I will put the most common ones below.

Benoni Defense Taimanov Variation

Benoni Defense New York Variation

Benoni Defense Fianchetto Variation

Benoni Defense Four Pawns Attack

Benoni Defense Knight's Tour

Benoni Defense Snake Variation

Benoni Defense Uhlmann Variation

The Benoni Defense is a solid opening and has been used in top level play many time's, here are some famous games that it has been used in from a world champion player and advocate for the opening (Mikhail Tal)

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Mikhail Tal

Mark Taimanov vs Mikhail Tal