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Are you watching the Grand Chess Tour?

Are you watching the Grand Chess Tour?

Jun 20, 2015, 6:54 PM 0

Hey, are you watching Norway Chess '15, the first leg of the Grand Chess Tour? Not many chess events are covered so in depth and never has there been a stronger chess circuit so watching it seems pretty logical. If you're a player looking to improve, or a spectator who likes watching the best of the best go at it round after round, event after event to see who ends up becoming the top dog, you'll definitely enjoy it.

A single round in a classical (in the GCT, that's 40 moves in 2 hours + 1 hour plus 30 seconds for each move for the rest of the game) chess tournament, a round can last 6+ hours and so not everyone can get to catch all the action.

No worries though, Chess.com has got you covered. Everyday when there's a round, Chess.com will have a post-game show covering all the intersting moments from all the games. Honestly what more can you ask for? You're getting Grand Master analysis on the most well played games in the world.


And if you prefer the written word, that's no problem either because world renown chess journalist, Peter Doggers, provides lightning fast reports which include photos, quotes, videos & game analyses. He listens to post game interviews in Stavanger, Norway and then puts the players' analses in the annotations in the report. There you have it, no matter what, Chess.com has you covered.

If you want to catch up, you can read Peter's previous reports on Norway Chess '15 in the news section of Chess.com. Alternatively, you can watch the short recaps on https://www.youtube.com/c/GrandChessTour beginning with the first round:

Go ahead and catch up if you haven't been watching. Tomorrow, if you do have time to watch a multi-hour broadcast, you can watch the official Norway Chess broadcast at 4pm CET (which is 10am New York time) here or watch the official Grand Chess Tour broadcast here.

So what if you have been watching the Grand Chess Tour & Chess.com's post game show? Carry on.

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