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Games from Saturday: 60+ 5 s

Games from Saturday: 60+ 5 s

Jun 22, 2014, 3:23 PM 1

I'm trying my hand at analyzing my 3 games from this saturday's CICL tournament at DePaul University. My thanks go out to EliteChess for arranging the whole thing. It was nice seeing a few of the DGCC people there. And congrats to DandyDanD for taking 2nd place! On to the games...

Round 1. Battaglia vs. Engelman

Round 2: Battaglia vs. Kuhlmann

Round 3: Sonny Mata v. Matt Battaglia

I ended with a 1-2 result. Game 1 was least fun for me. Game 2 was a fun miniature. Game 3 I think I enjoyed the most because it was a fairly even battle for the most part.

Thanks for viewing. This took me a while to put together cause I've never made a blog before. I gotta say, its pretty sweet. Thanks Aaaron! I will be doing more in the future.

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