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Quad Game 60 min +30 sec/move results (3-0 !!)

Quad Game 60 min +30 sec/move results (3-0 !!)

Oct 19, 2014, 12:18 AM 4

Hello DGCC chess members and other chess enthusiasts. I had a great time at Chess IQ this weekend. Ben Joseph and Greg Bungo were there, too, both playing some very exciting games. 







Game 1- Sicilian Hyper-accelerated Dragon (Hungarian) Thanks Joe for sharing this opening with me at DGCC.

Game 2- Scotch gambit. Nothing to brag about...opponent was a quiet little boy who has a ways to go...
Game 3 (Best game) - Scotch Gambit "Reloaded" This time my opponent came with the big guns.
Big lesson of this game, endgame is HARD! Especially when down the exchange.
Arguably my toughest opponent. I'm surprised and sorry he didn't win any games this day. He had me. The look of defeat and disgust on his face made me (almost) wish he had beaten me.

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