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Turkey LD #2

Turkey LD #2

May 29, 2015, 7:15 AM 0


My second loss on Turkey since I began this. Obviously, still a template I must improve on. 

Looking at the game, it was not picks I lost on. Turn 1, my opponent makes a few large mistakes and ends with no gained income. 



I do not believe I made any large errors before I met my opponent turn 6, so I'll start looking there. The position:

Income is equal at the moment, but his five-army bonus in the north, Central Black Sea Region, is a problem. It can deploy a relatively huge amount of armies to defend itself, and my bonuses have to work to pressure it. Long-term, in hindsight, I should probably take the Eastern Marmara Region giving me some extra income to fight it. I also could threaten to take Western Central Anatolia, depending on tactics.
In the game itself I decide to blockade Ankara, which I now think is a mistake. It temporarily limits my options to East Central Anatolia and removes the possibility of threatening capture of West Central Anatolia--and it also removes armies from my control that could be used in later turns. My opponent chooses to blockade Sivas, which is a more logical blockade. We reach this position:
One other, major problem for me is that I am not gaining new income. My opponent is working in the background to take a few extra bonuses and this, coupled with the new problems resulting from my own blockade, cause the loss. I was never able to exert enough pressure to flip the tables.

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