Internship and interesting tournaments in Uncle Sam's Country Part 1

Aug 23, 2017, 1:53 AM |
Hello chess netizens! It's been a while since the last post. I have to apologize since it has been very busy irl. Cry

Anyway, I still try to analyze some old games from tournaments in order to make myself a better player. In the last blog post, I went back to my country since I have finished my studies there. I continued back home doing internships and playing in some rapid and blitz tournament with limited success since most of the players are much better than me but I chalk it up to my inexperience playing faster time controls.

During this time as well, I tried to apply for an internship overseas, especially in countries like Canada, USA etc. After a few months, I managed to get one in Philadelphia! :) My parents weren't too cheerful when they hear that I am going there, citing the reasons were the long distances etc but in the end I managed to convince them. A few months after I went back to Indo, I went to USA for a culinary internship! Let's just say that it was a very, very challenging task as the cultural shock was definitely there! In the end, I managed to overcome that and "survived"! But of course, during the intensive internship times, I still spare some time for chess, and when I heard that there will be a chess tournament in Philadelphia (which then I know as the Philadelphia Open), I decided to join. I had to ask for 5 (five!) days off and my boss luckily says yes (partly due to the slow season as well Tongue Out). I then looked at the rating class which is totally new to me, but I remembered that my last rating was around 1600-ish. I deemed that during my inactivity, I would have lost some rating points, so I decided to join in the C class (Under 1600).

The tournament was held in a Hotel in downtown Philly with a huge playing hall (where the open section is also held there). There, for the first time, I met some of the masters I have seen in online live chess, including NMs, GMs like Van Kampen, Lenderman, and so on. The interesting part was that in the first round, I didn't get paired with anyone since I had no rating and the number of players are not even which left me without any opponent! The Tournament director decided to offer me an opponent of a higher class and giving me a free point. I said yes, and soon I was playing a B class player (U1800). I remembered playing white and played just two moves (1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Qxd5) before the arbiter came by to our table, saying that he had found the opponent for my opponent, and since the moves are less than 10, the arbiter stopped the game and I was then left (again!) without an opponent. He then apologized and offered me to play against someone in the A class (which back then I didn't know was U2000). I said yes, and was finally paired against an old man rated 1890! To think that I held white before, now I have to play with the black pieces! I was of course nervous, a year of not playing competitive chess and here I am, playing an A class player! I decided to just hang on and play solid chess. The game is presented below.


My first ever win in a tournament in USA, and against an A class player which took 4.5 hours! Both me and the old man was visibly tired after that match, which finished around 11.30 pm! I will try and continue to write new games as days go by, until then, see ya! :)