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Ending #5:An important Queen vs Rook ending.

Ending #5:An important Queen vs Rook ending.

Nov 6, 2015, 6:55 AM 3

My next (this) blog is from Philidor, a famous ending in which White must win :-

If Black had to play he would be lost in five moves. But it is White's turn, and this makes the process not so easy. He must lose his turn-a move-and still have the position as in the diagram. Then rook has to seperate from King, and Black's game is soon lost. The following demonstration is from "Principles of Chess" , and will be found sufficiently practicable:
Then here we have the same position, with Black to play. Evidently the King can do no good; and if 

Consequently we have the following, which is fairly exhaustive, other wins presenting little difficulty:

And even mates in three more moves. 

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