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Don't be a 'Saw Loser'

Don't be a 'Saw Loser'

Jan 9, 2018, 3:46 AM 0

I was playing a game of chess like everybody else. I'm a amateur player and regularly compete with my friends and at tournaments. I have a decent rating of 1200. I have enjoyed this game for a few years. 


In the game, he had lost his bishop and the game went in my favour. It was at move 29 where I made a obvious blunder giving up my queen. My opponent captured my knight then I retook the piece with the prawn. Allowing Rook on open file to kill the queen. It was this moment he accused me of cheating and abuse. This was the first time I experienced this behaviour.


All I want is that players accept their defeat, learn from mistakes and coutinue on. Not disrespect and accused their opponent of cheating.


Can someone show me how to upload the game on here?


I wipeout his name for his privacy.


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