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A training Bet

A training Bet

Nov 20, 2016, 5:31 AM 0

 In the early spring of 2003 a friend of mine had recently started to play chess. One day he said to me" I can beat you at least one game within 30 days" or did he say within 60 days? I am not sure about the time, however, I was sure that at his level the only way he could beat me is if

a. I was drugged or

b. he worked really hard and got a coach.. and even then I felt he had only a small chance and only if he had more talent than I recognized.

  When an opponent makes a bad move it is our responsibility to punish them and the same goes if you are playing me and I make a bad move. A friend making a false statement and overestimating his ability or underestimating my ability is not something I normally allow because I like my friends to much to let them lie to themselves. It isn't that I am good at chess. The Chess knowledge I have or had even in 2003 came from hard work and study and experience over the board. So he wanted to bet me that he could beat me in a short time and I agreed to the bet. I also suggested that he get a Coach and even told him to ask the Guy who trained me years before. 

  He did start lessons with my old coach and I did see improvement in his games, however, I have two games that we played on the last day of the bet that show the results as far as his misunderstanding about his or my ability's. You see, it would have done no good for him to believe that chess was that easy or that hard work could be beat without much more effort. 



and the last game of the bet is here... BIG MOUTHS LAST CHANCE!


  We actually learn more from losing than winning in most cases. This lesson was for him. I had my beginning beating easy players and slowly learned what better chess is. In fact I am still learning. The one thing I do not do is talk trash to clearly better players. That is not how it works.


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