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Nov 26, 2016, 10:46 AM 2



The goal is to have random and regularly scheduled slow Live tournaments ( 45/45 )  with only basic rules such as.. Don't cheat.. Don't be a jerk ( no trash talking or making your opponent wait needlessly when it is clear they have won )... Have fun.. and learn from the experience. All announced tournament Times will be expressed in U.S.A. Pacific Time or same time as Seattle , WA.

  The first goal is to get some active members.. choose admins and then move forward starting with one tournament a week and perhaps adding more later. If you really prefer rapid or blitz.. this is not for you. I made some bad habits which included moving to fast. I have become convinced that the road to improvement includes playing slower and more serious games. Please Join. I will accept anyone who wants to do this. The only reasons anyone will ever be removed is expressed above. I made the rules simple. There should not be any confusion.. just show up and play some serious games once a week asap. If any of you ask to join and have interest in being an admin please let me know.

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