Mie retirement

Jun 16, 2008, 7:53 PM |

As u might have all realised, i'm already a 2000 (and a half) year old muffin man who has been working in his quaint old bakery for his entire life. Therefore it's somehow time for him to retire, since he's long overworked (owenscowens, I guess i remembered u saying this to me a long time ago)


So, therefore, I'm granting full ownership of mie bakery to you, Harry. Plz grant your faithful wishes to its future; let it furnish and thrive. And don't mess around with that little naughty monkey, either. (haha) Take care of him.


This basically means for gauss1181 visiting me on Saturday for mie retirement reception. After that, I'm totally hooked up on Chess.com, luckily! So that means you'd be seeing me more often online.