What is your favorite Game time? Poll

Jun 22, 2010, 11:49 AM |

My personal favorite LIVE time is 10 min 10 sec or 10 min 0 sec, because they give me enough time to think, but that amount so it could get to a low time. What's your favorite time? I was hoping to do a poll on this after a week of collecting data.

P.S  It doesn't matter the seconds time, but mainly the min. time. But if the second time does matter to you please explain in your comments after putting down  your letter. This is mainly min. time.



A. 30 min - 0 sec

B. 15 min - 10 sec

C. 10 min - 10 sec

D. 5 min - 0 sec

E. 1 min - 0 sec

F. Other, explain.