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Jan 22, 2013, 12:07 AM 2

Hi Everyone! This is my first blog.. And I would like to share about the game I have played against 2061 rated player.. CHESS is a game that everyone plays.. But most often here are seperated by ratings! The lower rated players are struggling a bit with their game plans and some of them with their tactics. If they are playing against a higher rated player , they are getting a pyschological thinking of "I will lose the match becoz the opponent is an higher rated player"!!.Well, this thought should be overcome and they should play with full of confidence. They shouldn't worry about the opponent rating or whatever else. I gonna post a match played against a 2061 rated player. And also I have lost against a much lower rated player too!!!! So one shouldn't underestimate the opponent by their rating. Smile So lower rated players, have confident , improve your tactics, and one day you will be a higher rated player for sure.!!! Please give your valuable comments..

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