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Isolated Endgame Doubled/Tripled Pawns

Apr 27, 2016, 5:50 PM 1

Isolated doubled and tripled pawns can be assets in the endgame, because of how we can use a "snail" technique. I'll show you what I mean.   



Here's what to do for tripled pawns: Advance them one at a time, keeping them all next to each other. No having one ahead of another for a while: Try to maintain JUST a line.


1. e5 Kg7 2. e4 Kf7 3. e3 Ke7 4. Kf4 Kd75. e6+ Kd6 6. e5+ Kd5 7. e4+ Kd4 8. Kf5 Ke39. e7 Kf3 10. e6 Kg3 11. e5 Kf3 12. Kf6 Ke413. e8=Q


What about doubles? 

1. Kd3 Ke7 2. Kd4 Ke6 3. e5 Kf5 4. e4+ Kf45. Kd5 Ke3 6. e6 Kf4 7. e5 Kf5 8. Kd6 Ke49. e7 Kf5 10. e6 Kf6 11. e8=Q Kf5 12. e7 Kf413. Qf7+ Ke4 14. e8=Q+ Kd4


Wow! You can promote ALL the pawns - just don't cause stalemate when doing so. 

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