Social Psychology

Aug 6, 2014, 12:18 AM |

A couple of weeks ago I enrolled in a MOOC (massive, open, online course). The subject seemed interesting -- social psychology -- and the course was free, so I thought "why not". Boy, am I glad I signed up!

It has been a fascinating and eye-opening course so far, and there are a few weeks still to go. We think we know how we'd behave in a given situation, but social psychology experiments over the years have demonstrated how mistaken such a belief is.

Let me share with you links to some videos and websites which I have come across so far:

The Milgram Experiment -- Said to be one of the most famous experiments in social psychology (duration of video is about 15 minutes.):

(The video of the original experiment is about 44 mins. long; to see it, click here: )

The Stanford Prison Experiment -- Another very famous experiment:

Prof. Philip Zimbardo's TED talk about the Abu Ghraib prison abuses -- 'The psychology of evil':

Prof. Zimbardo's website:

Heroic Imagination Project

Lucifer Effect

I'll post more links later.