Giuoco Piano - Greco Gambit - The Poisoned Rook and the Möller Attack - Comments Please

Jun 1, 2011, 5:14 PM |

This is one of the most beautiful traps in the world of chess. Black aims for white's rook on the A-file with serious consequences.

We will look at 2 different variations

First variation: ...10. Qb3

Second variation: ...10. Ba3

One way to fight the Greco-Gambit:  The Möller Attack

Now here is the correct way of playing this position. Instead of 8. ..Nxc3 black should play 8. ..Bxc3. It also turns out that black has to have a very good memory in order to hold on to an equal position. This is known as the Möller Attack and this position is completely equal. There is also another way of playing this, with 9...Ne5 for those who are interested in studying that variation further.

For all you Giuoco Piano fans out there, I recommend Tim Harding's writing on the subject in his Kibitzer blog page.