The City Of Dublin 2016

The City Of Dublin 2016

Sep 2, 2016, 3:11 AM |

The Leinster Chess Union is pleased to announce the City of Dublin Chess Championships for 2016.


Time and Venue

9th, 10th and 11th September 2016. (Friday to Sunday) in the O’Connell Suite, Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.



Generous prize fund of €3,000 - subject to entry. 


Playing Sections & Rate of Play


Masters, rating of 2000 and over will be FIDE rated and will be a 5 round event.  All other sections, Majors 1600 – 1999, Challengers, 1200 – 1599 and Juniors, 1199 and under, including unrated players will be 6 round events.


Players whose ratings are within 100 points of the threshold for a higher section may, if they wish compete in the higher section.


Entrants without an Irish rating will be allocated to the playing section appropriate to their estimated playing strength at the discretion of the tournament controller.


The rate of play is 90 minutes plus a 30 second increment from move one in the Masters Section and 1 hour and 45 minutes per player in all other sections.

Entry fees

Masters, Majors & Challengers €45 per player (€35 if payment is received on or before Friday 2th September 2016). Juniors Section €30 per player.

 €30 for players aged 18 or under or over 60 on 9th September 2016  (all Sections).  Free entry to GMs and IMs.

Family discount €55 euro for two players from same family €75 euro for 3 or more players from same family.

Payments can be made on or cheques made payable to the “Leinster Chess Union” can be sent with entries to the Tournament Controller (see contact details below). Please note that where entry fees are paid on line, players should email the tournament controller separately setting out the details on the entry form below.


All playing equipment will be provided.  FIDE Rules as per ICU handbook, and Leinster Chess Union rules will apply. Default time is one hour for all rounds.

Draws will be made on Thursday 8th  September and placed on the LCU website Late entrants will be paired manually at registration on Friday evening and will have to pay an entry fee of 45 euro regardless of age or section entered.

                The timetable is as follows:-

Friday 9th September 2016

Registration 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm  

Round 1   All Sections 7.00 pm sharp.

Saturday 10th September 2016

Round 2 10.00 am (all Sections)

Round 3  2.30 p.m. (Majors, Challengers and Juniors)

Round 3 (Masters 3.00 p.m.)

Round 4 7.00 p.m. (Majors, Challengers and Juniors)

   Sunday 11th September 2016

Round 4 (Masters) and Round 5 all other sections 9.45 a.m,

Round 6  2.15 p.m.  (Majors, Challengers and Juniors)

Round 5 (Masters)  2.45  p.m.

Prize giving  6.15 pm onwards





There is a considerable amount of competitively priced Dublin city centre hostel accommodation within easy walking distance of the playing venue. Visit the website for details and book on-line. The website contains maps and directions for all locations.






Entry Form (Please complete in block capitals)


Name: ______________________


ICU Code: ____________


Rating: __________


FIDE rating (if applicable) __________


Club: _______________________


Section entered: ______________


Contact Phone Number: ____________


E-mail _______________________


Date of birth _______________


Entry Fees


Paid on line at or


Fee Enclosed: __________________



 Tick as appropriate: _________________



Entries to: -


Herbert Scarry

66 Kincora Grove


Dublin 3.


Email :

Phone :086 608 9729


Please note that the information provided on the entry form will be transmitted to the Irish Chess Union (ICU) to facilitate rating of the event and to establish the ICU membership status of entrants to the tournament. By entering the tournament players are deemed to have accepted this condition.


Also, no prizes will be awarded to a player who seeks and is granted a bye in the final round of any of the sections in the tournament.