Does Wearing Pants Lower Your ELO Rating? The Truth Will Shock You!

Feb 25, 2015, 7:12 PM |

It's been years!  And yet here we are.


I wanted to see if I could still blog hard.  And I must say the nostalgia of being back at tastes tangy in the brain, sort of like if thoughts and feelings were made of "cool ranch" Doritos. 

Well, what are the pressing issues of the day that we can address, together?   Uh......  The Kardashians, the problems in the Middle East, these should definitely be solved.  And the big event of the decade has been the excellence of Marvel Studios movies which have turned me into a total Avengers nut even though I've never once purchased a comic book..... well, there was that one time when I wanted to find out the continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I was so bummed to find out just how little content was in each individual comic book.  There's only a few pages and then it's done and almost nothing happened.  That's no way to go through life, son!  


...... Oh, also, I'm a big fan of anti-itch creme like Hydrocortizone.  God, that's a life saver!    And Chocolate Silk pie.  That's another must.  Also,  the chicken chow mein in the frozen food aisle at Trader Joes, if you have one near you give that a try because the secret sauce in that meal takes you to a place beyond love and hate.  

Well, as for the title of this life-changing blog....  I guess the only way to find out if pants really reduce your ability to concentrate on chess is if we have a NO PANTS tournament with evenly matched opponents, one of whom is wearing pants and the other would be pantsless.  Then we'd check the tournament results to see if the pantsless people won more than half the time, or less, or if they broke even (which would mean pants have no effect on ELO ratings).  But the website may frown on that sort of thing.  So we may never know unless maybe a college research department sees this and decides to get grant money to study The Effects of Pants on Chess.  Or should I try to get this idea on Kick Starter?