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"EASY" Daily Puzzle People Unable To Get It Hard

"EASY" Daily Puzzle People Unable To Get It Hard

Feb 22, 2009, 4:36 PM 1

Sometimes the daily puzzle isn't easy but people still always chime in with:  "Easy!"   As if it never gets hard for these folks.  It's sad, really, in an age of Viagra, for these poor contributors to never have experienced hardness.   I can honestly say that the puzzle makers have kept it hard for me on numerous occasions, and they have my thanks.


Perhaps I've been hasty in judging the puzzle people, and have come down on them too hard.  It may be that they use these puzzles as a pressure release valve for their troubled social lives, in which they have found it's not "Easy!" to acquire a girlfriend, to maintain a relationship, to keep a marraige thriving.  So if they find it therapeutic to come on here at 2 AM and be the first to post on the new puzzle thread, are we to begrudge them for shouting out "EASY!" every night?   Or, rather, shouldn't we all take joy in the illusion that at least something in life is "EASY," even if many of them are lying and actually didn't solve the puzzle on the first attempt, nor even attempt solving it at all in some cases. 

I say let them have their moment in the sun, their victory cheer.  It warms the heart to see such human perseverance.  And if this website can lure one of the brand name erection pills to be a sponsor, then I suggest having a promotion where everyone who is first to post that a puzzle is "easy" should get free boner medication as one of their membership perks if they then go on to sign up for a premium membership.   It seems only fair.

And remember, if your correspondence game lasts longer than four months, call your chess coach immediately.

With all this being said, the puzzle for today (Feb. 22) was absurdly, um, ...easy.

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