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The Fake Foreign Exchange Student Rant

The Fake Foreign Exchange Student Rant

May 26, 2009, 12:50 PM 1

Some posts make me cry, others force me to pee a little, and this did both.  So I reprint it here.  Join me won't you, gentle reader, for a voyage into the twisted world of those who impersonate foreigners. 

gbidari wrote: (in this thread:http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/why-nobody-handsome-and-generosity-to-play-the-chess?page=2

Oh you're not taking this seriously are you? The whole original post is a farce. It looks like someone trying to sound like a foreigner on crack. I have spoken to foreigners on crack and it's nothing like this.

 This reminds me of when I was substitute teaching and this kid was a foreign exchange student, or claimed to be.  I sort of sensed that he was just putting on an act and he wasn't really from Lithuania or wherever his funky accent claimed to be from, but what was I going to do?  Call him out on it and risk the horrible embarrassment of being wrong?  So I looked around at the people sitting next to him, to inspect their faces for any hint that this guy was scamming me, you know, thinking that one of them would start busting up or look away.  Nothing.  None of them gave me anything to confirm this guy was a crackpot.  They all kept a perfectly straight face as if this moron had been using his obviously fake accent in class all year long and it was all perfectly normal to them.   I was left with no option but to remove my shirt and storm out of the classroom in a huff.  The experience left me emotionally scarred and I quickly became addicted to a mushroom chicken sandwich that Jack in the Box was making available for a limited time only.  Then that limited time ran out and even the sandwich was yanked away from me.  I eventually turned to a life on the streets.  So for the love of God I implore all of you not to let the original poster drive you into despair.  Don't let his harsh judgments smash your dreams of one day getting a better haircut and starting to work out with weights!   The future is yours!   You have the power to pop that zit today!  And to show it on youtube!

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