Sep 29, 2009, 11:17 PM |

I figure the time is right for this.   Alien Versus Predator did pretty well.   Freddie Vs. Jason.

So what we need is a high tech car facing off against a high tech helicopter.

Most of the time, Airwolf would probably be chasing KITT, but that would be because KITT is transporting something important, like in those Jason Statham movies.   And whenever there's a hill or a ramp, KITT would use his turbo boost jump to fly up in the air and slap Airwolf in the nose with his front fender, sending it into a tailspin.  Both vehicles would come out of this none the worse for wear on account of how they're both indestructible.

By the way, is String Fellow Hawke dead?   The older co-pilot, Santini,  has to be dead by now, so I would just insert old shots of him from the TV show into the movie, and if it comes down to it we can have Hawke appear in the movie posthumously as well.  But what about Jan Michael Vincent, who played Hawke?  Alive?  Does anybody know?  The last time I saw him on Entertainment Tonight he looked all strung out on drugs with brain damage and a neck that couldn't support his drooping head, and it seemed like he weighed about 35 lbs., but as long as he's breathing I say strap him into that pilot seat and have him mumble his lines.  It doesn't matter if he's completely unintelligible.  That's what captions are for.   In fact, if he's clearly out of it, that would add immensely to the movie's appeal.   Because Michael Knight is probably a little bit tipsy right about now as well, and the two of them having an argument would be priceless.  

People would show up in droves to see this thing.  I'm telling you it would single-handedly end the recession.   In fact, maybe the plot could be that Airwolf and Knight Rider are in a race to find the $700 billion that has recently been misplaced somewhere in the US.   You could take the recent Khadafi footage from his crazy UN speech and "translate" it so that he's saying how Airwolf isn't going to stop him this time.  Then show him setting up his tent on Donald Trump's property..... then you could have him get blown up by Airwolf when it's discovered he's already spent $14 billion in stimulus funds to buy up all of the Sham-Wow product from the infomercials, which he planned to use all at once to absorb the Pacific Ocean.   Then Kim Jong IL would somehow end up behind the wheel of KITT at some point before getting ejected out the sunroof and into Airwolf's spinning rotor.

Wouldn't you pay to see this?